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Digitas at CES: Coming to you LIVE from Las Vegas

In 2012, we told you about BrandLIVE, a new agency model and technology suite that creates relevance and value for brands every day. In 2013, we've teamed up with Sprint to bring BrandLIVE to CES as their social media content hub. A dedicated team is monitoring headlines and social buzz to bring CES attendees (and those just following along on their social networks) the best content in real-time.

What does that entail? One of the big themes is about eco-innovation. In fact, if you've got an idea for green technology, share it with Sprint (use #SprintCES)  and they'll illustrate some of their favorites. For instance, CNET's Brian Cooley wanted to see a self-driving car.

Follow Sprint on Twitter and Facebook to see more. And if you'd like to learn more about BrandLIVE, check out this quick video with Anne-Marie Kline and John Robinson below.

*Digitas is a part of Team Sprint (comprised of Digitas and Leo Burnett)


Introducing BrandLIVE: A New Agency Model and Technology Suite


Relevance has a deadline. That's why we've launched BrandLIVE™, a proprietary agency platform that creates relevance and value for brands every day. Combining social and content strategies with the agility of a news organization, it's a real-time, brand relevance approach to participation and publishing.

BrandLIVE™ is both an agency model and technology suite, with a stable of 25 open and collaborative partners including BrandWatch, Topsy, and Skyword. You can learn more about it here, and get commentary from Colin Kinsella, along with BrandLIVE™ Managing Directors Anne-Marie Kline and John Robinson.

The three part process and client service model includes:

The Wire: The source for discovery
· Social listening, translation, and interpretation
· Trend analysis
· Real-time analytics
· Audience Design
· Brand Intelligence
· Content consumption and sharing

The BrandLIVE™ Newsroom: Ideas. Impact. In Real-Time.
· Proactive and reactive content and content strategies
· Dedicated, creatively-led teams
· Consolidated social engagement across all owned assets

The Multicast: Targeted publishing and distribution
· Feeds owned channels to drive earned media and identify amplification opportunities for paid
· Analytics that feed back to The Wire for real-time tracking, enabling real-time optimization


Advertising Week: After Radical Digital Change, What Is Content?

Digitas is blogging about Advertising Week! Check back here for posts about the week's best events, and follow @Digitas and #AWIX on Twitter for live updates. Read all of our Advertising Week posts here, and check out some of our photos on Flickr.

What is content, really? Its definition has changed in the last few years. As Buzzfeed's Jonah Peretti puts it, we used to craft "noun-based" content for Google's search algorithms, but now that has shifted to "verb-based" content - something's that meant to be passed onto your friends. At the content panel at OMMA Global, Peretti posited that "social has become the new starting point."

John Robinson, our SVP of Creative, couldn't agree more, as he spoke about the different kinds of content we craft for our clients. You have to design content that's appropriate to your platforms, he explained. So for instance, what you push out on Facebook will look different than what you post to Twitter, because the Facebook audience is different - it has a higher percentage of people who love your brand.

USA Today's Larry Kramer, President and Publisher, explored those same ideas from the publisher's side. The way he sees it, brands have the same issues as media companies: they're trying to figure out how to tell their stories on these new platforms. But what's most crucial to a media organization is to signal to customers if content's been sponsored by a brand. If your publication is trying to maintain impartiality, you have to make that clear - the goal of any media organization should be to make sure that they're not being deceptive.

Want more? You can watch the full panel video below.