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Digitas Takes Top Honors As OMMA’S Agency of the Year: Gold

We're proud to announce that we were given top honors last night at the ceremony for OMMA’s Agency of the Year: Gold! Our VivaKi sister agency MediaVest was also honored in the Media Planning category.

This is the third time in five years that OMMA has honored Digitas as one of its agencies of the year, and the second time that Digitas has been awarded the top prize.

“At Digitas, we’re passionate about three things: people, relationships, and outcomes,” says Colin Kinsella, CEO, Digitas North America. “This honor from OMMA is all about the first one, because I could not be more amazed by the creativity and ambition of our people. Our Agency of the Year award goes out to the entire Digitas community: their work inspires consumers to action and it inspires me, every day.”

In its Agency of the Year write-up, Digitas is honored by OMMA Magazine for a number of market-moving campaigns, including but not limited to Aflac’s “Search for the New Duck”, the Delta “Ideas in Flight” partnership with TED, and American Express’ “Small Business Saturday,” the first national holiday supporting small businesses.

We were also praised for a number of industry innovations, including the launch of the Digitas Mobile Lab, a new mobile partnership with Google, and the fourth successful year of The NewFront, the premier online content marketplace for brands.

Lincoln Bjorkman, CCO for Digitas North America, accepts the award.

Get more details in the press release here, and see why OMMA Magazine sums Digitas up as “an agency built for performance.”


#WHTweetUp: Live from the State of the Union

The stats are in: for this year’s State of the Union address, 38 million people tuned-in via television and 3 million people watched the livestream. But better yet, the White House offered Twitter followers a chance to join them live in DC to watch the State of the Union Address with Administration officials and fellow ‘tweeps’. 

Last Tuesday, I arrived bright and early and joined my fellow citizens at the South Gate of the White House for our public tour.  From there, we went to the White House Conference Center across the street where about twenty of us were able to meet Instagram Co-Founder Mike Krieger and US Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra.  I loved the energy of the team and the fact that Mike K. was asked to sit in the First Lady’s box during the State of the Union.  My fellow Tweeters came from thirteen states and included a history teacher, a librarian and other media professionals. 

We re-grouped at the Old Executive Building at 7:45pm for the big #WHTweetUP event.  About a hundred of us sat in the second auditorium and were greeted by Macon Phillips, the White House Director of New Media.  At 9pm the lights went down and the room was illuminated by at hundreds of laptops, iPads and mobile devices. It felt like I was sitting at NASA, watching a major launch.

The room was equipped with a live feed of the speech with accompanying infographics and supporting data for us to tweet out to our followers.  The room was abuzz – and so was Twitter, with over 766,681 #SOTU tagged tweets.  The most discussed topic was #education, which paralleled the responses in the auditorium.  At the conclusion of the speech, we were joined by five top administration officials,  including  secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who took questions from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ along with questions from the room.

The State of the Union event took full advantage of digital and social platforms to open up the White House and engage citizens in discussions.  By rewarding their most engaged followers, enabling a memorable experience and unlocking exclusive content for followers, it was a best-in-class example of building an active brand.

- Amie Green, Associate Director, Marketing, Digitas.

For more of Amie’s insights, follow her on Twitter: @smit. And check out @Digitas to see what she tweeted during the State of the Union!



MediaPost's Mobile Insider Summit: Watch Chia Chen Live

January 27 Update: Didn't get a chance to watch the livestream? Check out the video from Chia Chen's panel below.


2011 was the ‘year of mobile catch-up.’ Brands and their agencies scrambled to create mobile web sites, apps and marketing strategies to meet a breathtaking consumer adoption of Post-PC access. Lesson learned. Now it is time to move from mobile presence to mobile persistence.

Digitas’ Chia Chen, SVP, North American Mobile Practice Lead helps kick off MediaPost’s Mobile Insider Summit with the conference's first big panel, “From Mobile to Mobility: Synching Brands With People’s Lives."

Agency executives grapple with the problem of “mobility” – how can brands craft multi-screen, cross-platform relationship strategies with customers. As consumers move from TV to desktop to smartphone, to in-car to tablet, understanding consumer “mobility” is key. If digital media is now fully mobilized, then brands have to adapt not only to a range of customer use cases, but to different user “moods and modes” and levels of interactivity and engagement. “Relationship” is no longer a trite metaphor for marketing. The next great stage of brand presence on a handset requires that marketers synchronize with people’s lives.

Moderator: Joy Liuzzo, VP, Director, InsightExpress, @jliuzzo


- Chia Chen, SVP, North American Mobile Practice Lead, Digitas (@talk2chia)
- Geoffrey Handley, Co-Founder, The Hyperfactory
- Calynn Krieger, Account Director, AKQA Mobile
- Phuc Truong, Managing Director, U.S. Mobile Marketing, Mobext/Havas


NATPE 2012 Live: Special Edition of BigScreen LittleScreen

January 24 Update: The special NATPE edition of BigScreen LittleScreen is over but the conference will continue streaming here tomorrow! And once NATPE has posted the recorded version of this panel, we'll upload it here as well.


New original web series content is coming online at a furious rate. From independent producers to studios and networks, the content spans all genres and audiences. BigScreen LittleScreen, the monthly event devoted to celebrating and supporting innovation in the creative side of web video, will be selecting some of the finest examples of premium original content that will help shape the online video industry in 2012.

Co-moderators Matt Semel, co-founder of 10ton, and Paul Kontonis, VP/Group Director Brand Content, The Third Act, Digitas and Chairman of the International Academy of Web Television, will present an insider's look at the people and the content behind some of the most anticipated original video programs created for broadband distribution. Our hosts are joined by an expert panel that will share their feedback on each project, followed by networking with industry peers, artists, executives, producers, and more.

- David Tochterman, Head of Digital Media, Innovative Artists
- Terence Gray, Founder and Executive Director, New York Television Festival
- Tamara Krinsky, New Media Program Manager, Writers Guild of America, West
- Andy Marks, General Manager, MATTER
- Kiki Flynn, Creative Producer, XCAL Worldwide - Sport/Lifestyle/Fitness
- Marquis Smalls, Screenwriter/Producer, HomeGrown Productions
- Annunziata Gianzero, Actor/Writer/Producer, Ivy Media Group, Inc
- Dan Weinstein, Partner & Talent Manager, Collective Digital Studio (a Division of The Collective)
- John Hoyos, Writer/Producer, DigiSnacks

CES 2012: Breaking Records, Sparking Innovation

It's official: this year's Consumer Electronics Show was the largest in history. And there was plenty to talk about, from Samsung's Smart TVs to Whirlpool's connected appliances to rocking the dance floor. This was also the first year for the IAWTV Awards, the first award show within the Web television industry to be presented by content creators, for content creators. If you didn't catch a chance to watch, you can see the full video and list of winners here.

Digitas took a big part in this year's show - we brought our clients, spoke at events, and even took part in the official 2012 CES app. Below, check out what some of our executives had to say about CES 2012.

CES 2012 Takeaways

“CES is many things, but increasingly it has become an invaluable time to gather with industry colleagues to move business forward. While it’s true that these are many of the same people we all meet with in our home cities, the concentration of decision-makers combined with the ability to focus on the topics-at-hand without typical workday distractions make these discussions quick, to the point and ultimately very fruitful. On Wednesday, my group of clients and colleagues met with seven different partners across video, data, social and mobile with offerings that we will prioritize in the coming 12 months.”

- Jordan Bitterman, SVP, Social Marketing Practice Lead, Digitas (as cited in Digiday)

“Smart TVs were everywhere this year. As their penetration in households grow, we need to change consumer behavior so they actually utilize what’s smart about them. We need to disrupt consumer habit of hitting the cable ‘guide’ button and thus missing other sources of content (i.e., YouTube). Tempt consumers with Kinect-based controls and pull them to the new sources by replicating what HBO did with ‘Sopranos’ and ‘Sex in The City.’ YouTube needs a break-out hit with their new channels to start heading to the tipping point.”

- Dave Marsey, SVP, Media Practice Lead, Digitas (as cited in Digiday)

"There's three things in the mobile space to take away from CES:

1) In the US, it's about next generation mobile broadband from the big three carriers and device makers. Faster networks and even more capable devices that will lead to greater content consumption via mobile.
2) Don't count out Microsoft's Windows Mobile 7 -- they are putting every bit of their muscle behind a very good product experience.
3) TVs are doing their best to imitate smart mobile devices. Besides being thinner, all of the TV makers touted TVs that: a) run apps; b) are connected to the Internet; and c) respond to voice and/or gesture controls. TVs know what they want to be when they grow up: the modern smartphone."

- Chia Chen, SVP, Mobile Marketing Practice Lead, Digitas

For more insights on this year's CES, follow @Digitas on Twitter.