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CES 2014: Transforming and Redefining the Relationship Between the Consumer, Advertising and Media Platforms 

At CES’ Digital Hollywood track, a panel of executives from DigitasLBi, OgilvyEntertainment, Saatchi & Saatchi, Microsoft , and more explored the changing relationship between consumers, advertising, and media platforms in the “Contextual Media & Advertising” session.

While long-term pre-planned campaigns still remain an important part of a brand’s advertising strategy, DigitasLBi’s Anne-Marie Kline, SVP of Content/Managing Director of BrandLIVE, explored the increasing importance and growth of real-time marketing. It’s not just about acting quickly—successful RTM finds the intersection between what people are interested in and the brand purpose. The content should always feel right in the moment—even if you planned it a week ago.

Part of the growth of RTM, and content strategies in general, is understanding that content isn’t free or separate from the rest of your media plan. The right owned, earned, and paid strategy has become an increasingly important factor. The way Kline explained it, daily content calendars are a waste of time. Posting to Facebook at 11:00am every day isn’t going to drive business. You should only be publishing content if you have a distribution strategy.

Good content also requires real investment—in your teams, in your content—for it to drive results. Doug Scott, President of OgilvyEntertainment and the panel’s moderator, touched on the misperceptions surrounding content. People will usually label content as non-working media dollars, but that’s ridiculous because it drives earned media—which makes it working dollars.

The money spent on making content may also move locations in the upcoming year. Eric Johnson, President and Founder of Ignited, predicted that we’ll start to see a shift in where production media dollars are bought and sold—from New York to Los Angeles. Now that anyone can be a star on YouTube, we’ll see even more of Hollywood’s influence on content and advertising.

A New Word for Advertising?

Should our industry even call content strategy a part of “advertising” anymore? Kline made the prediction that in the future we’ll need a new word for advertising, because the process has changed. It’s less about shouting your message at consumers, and more about creating emotional, friendly connections with them. The rest of the panel agreed—and tried to come up with a new term, though nothing was officially coined.

In order to create the kinds of connections that Kline mentioned, she also advocated for a change in the way agencies organize their teams. On top of recruiting vertical experts and creative talent, in the future agencies will also need to go after people with a bit of an improv background: people who are flexible, who can react quickly to the information and data that’s coming at them in real-time—so that their brands connect with audiences more authentically. The changing relationship between consumers, advertising, and media platforms requires a new team model for agencies—an ensemble where everyone wears a few different hats, and makes clients a part of the ideation process. As Kline puts it, “It’s messy but way more fun.”


Watch Live: Anne-Marie Kline and Baba Shetty at OMMA Native

Starting in just a few minutes, see DigitasLBi's Anne-Marie Kline, SVP of Social Content / Managing Director of BrandLIVE, discuss brand newsrooms and real-time marketing at OMMA Native with leaders from the IAB, Hill Holliday, Weber Shandwick, and more. And then at 4:15pm EST,  tune in for a panel with Baba Shetty, Chief Strategy & Media Officer for DigitasLBi North America, on the impact of native advertising on agencies, moderated by MediaPost's Joe Mandese himself.

Watch it live below, and follow #MPOMMA on Twitter for live insights.


A Flagship Partner for Mashable's Lift

Today at Cannes, Mashable announced the launch of Mashable Lift for Brand Partners, a new self-service platform that enables brands to amplify social assets and premium content directly on  And we're excited to say that DigitasLBi is one of the first agencies to partner with them. Not only do Mashable's native ad units have the opportunity to reach an audience of 25 million, but we can publish these assets within just a couple of hours—real-time content distribution to millions of influential users.

Tony Weisman, CEO, DigitasLBi North America, put it best: “Mashable’s Lift brings paid, earned, and owned media together seamlessly via real-time distribution. It’s a natural fit with what we’re doing with BrandLIVE, which creates timely and topical content for brands every day.”

You can get more details, and see an interview with John McCarus, on Mashable here. This news also comes on the heels of another recent real-time distribution partnership—our exclusive deal with The Huffington Post, announced at last month’s NewFront event, and activated last week with Sprint.


Digitas NewFront 2013: Social. Stories.

We’re live from the Digitas NewFront! We’ll be recapping sessions all day. Watch it live on, and follow Digitas on Twitter and Tumblr for updates. Tweet #NewFronts to join the conversation.

Arianna Huffington, Founder & Editor-in-Chief Huffington Post “We are all publishers.  Participation and engagement drives sharing.  Self-expression is the new entertainment."  It’s all global now and as a brand you have to be part of global conversations. The Huffington Post have been doing ongoing content around stress because they tuned into the needs of their audience.  The most buzzed about feature on the iPhone was the Do Not Disturb feature – people are looking for ways to unplug. 

Tony Weisman joined Arianna for a join announcement.  HuffPo will be a key content distribution partner for Digitas’ BrandLIVE real-time marketing platform.  Brands can now not only create content in real-time but distribute it within two hours through native advertising across the HuffPo network. 

With this, we’re excited to announce an exclusive partnership between The Huffington Post’s “Brand as Newsroom” and Digitas’ BrandLIVE. Starting now, they’ll be a key content distribution partner within our BrandLIVE partner suite. In as little as two hours, we’ll be able to publish relevant content for millions of readers on The Huffington Post, from articles to slideshows and more in the form of native ads.

Today’s New Front live-blogging was done by Digitas’ Amie Green.  For more insights from Amie – Follow her on Twitter @Smit


Digitas at CES: Coming to you LIVE from Las Vegas

In 2012, we told you about BrandLIVE, a new agency model and technology suite that creates relevance and value for brands every day. In 2013, we've teamed up with Sprint to bring BrandLIVE to CES as their social media content hub. A dedicated team is monitoring headlines and social buzz to bring CES attendees (and those just following along on their social networks) the best content in real-time.

What does that entail? One of the big themes is about eco-innovation. In fact, if you've got an idea for green technology, share it with Sprint (use #SprintCES)  and they'll illustrate some of their favorites. For instance, CNET's Brian Cooley wanted to see a self-driving car.

Follow Sprint on Twitter and Facebook to see more. And if you'd like to learn more about BrandLIVE, check out this quick video with Anne-Marie Kline and John Robinson below.

*Digitas is a part of Team Sprint (comprised of Digitas and Leo Burnett)