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Jenn-Air: Not Your Average Print Ad

Jenn-Air has taken traditional print campaigns to the next level by incorporating digital components that lead consumers to a bigger interactive experience. Digitas and the brand have partnered with Bon Appetit to develop co-branded print and video content featuring Celebrity Chef, Donatella Arpaia, in the October issue of Bon Appetit.

Through the developed print materials and video content, Jenn-Air has introduced Arpaia – who recently remodeled the kitchen of her Connecticut summer home with Jenn-Air appliances -  as the newest Maven in the Master Class series which features video content and insights from noted designers and chefs.

This campaign includes the development of a three page advertorial and a single page custom brand ad to support the super-premium positioning of Jenn-Air within the October issue of Bon Appetit. It promotes continued customer engagement with the Master Class video series through two new branded videos and the development of a Donatella Arpaia landing page within the existing microsite experience.

You can check out both videos here: "Timing Your Party Beautifully" and "Simply Stylish Entertaining."


Advertising Week: Digitas Wins Big at IAB MIXX and OMMA Awards

Digitas is blogging about Advertising Week! Check back here for posts about the week's best events, and follow @Digitas and #AWIX on Twitter for live updates. Read all of our Advertising Week posts here, and check out some of our photos on Flickr.

Great news: we've added 12 new awards to our roster, two from the OMMA Awards, and 10 from IAB MIXX (including three Gold awards). Check out the list below for our award-winning work with American Express, Buick, Delta, and Miller Lite, and get more details from our press release.

OMMA Awards:

> Video: Standalone Video (Including YouTube Videos)
Client: Buick (General Motors) | Project: One For The Road
Agencies: Digitas

> Email: Campaign or Standalone
Client: Delta Air Lines | Project: Delta Holiday eCard 2011
Agencies: Digitas

 IAB MIXX Awards:

> GOLD: Custom Rich Media Display Ad - Single
Client: Miller Lite (MillerCoors) | Project: Smack Talk Banners
Agencies: Digitas

> GOLD: Video Advertising Campaign
Client: American Express | Project: Amex Sync Show
Agencies: Digitas

> GOLD: Business-to-Business Campaign
Client: American Express OPEN | Project: Small Business Saturday
Agencies: Digitas, CP+B

> SILVER: Brand Awareness and Positioning Campaign
Client: American Express OPEN | Project: Big Break for Small Business
Agencies: Digitas

> SILVER: Digital Integration Campaign
Client: American Express OPEN | Project: Small Business Saturday
Agencies: Digitas, CP+B

> SILVER: Video Advertising Campaign
Client: American Express | Project: American Express Unstaged
Agencies: Digitas, Momentum

> SILVER: Interactive Video - Single
Client: American Express | Project: American Express Unstaged - Coldplay
Agencies: Digitas, Momentum

> BRONZE: Cross-Media Integration Campaign
Client: American Express | Project: Amex Sync Show
Agencies: Digitas

> BRONZE: Direct Response and Lead Generation Campaign
Client: American Express | Project: Amex Sync Show
Agencies: Digitas

> BRONZE: Digital Integration Campaign
Client: American Express | Project: Amex Sync Show
Agencies: Digitas


Digitas in the SXSW PanelPicker: Ready, Set, Vote!

August 23 Update: We've added a fourth session to the mix! Scroll to the bottom to vote for a panel about using your online network to get a job.


SXSW 2013 may still be a way’s off, but the PanelPicker is open NOW. From unlikely bedfellows to a TV throwdown, we’ve got three fantastic sessions in the mix—they just need your vote to get to Austin. Check them out below, and get your vote in by August 31.

Unlikely Bedfellows…Yours Awaits

No, it’s not college. But these days, everyone from multinational corporations to renowned medical institutions are getting into bed with unexpected partners. The results are spectacular and surprising: an IT company is helping to kill a superbug, robot technology is enabling blind people to navigate, and a Fortune 100 is supporting mom-and-pop shops across the country.

In this solo presentation, Lincoln Bjorkman, Chief Creative Officer at Digitas, will share stories of unlikely, surprising and curious partnerships that have yielded astonishing results. The “Unlikely Bedfellows” session will explore how some big challenges are tackled by leading companies and innovative inventors who chose to see 360 degrees, then went one degree further.

You will be inspired. Best of all, you’ll hunger to explore how unlikely partners can bring a new lens to your own biggest challenges. Get ready to find your unlikely bedfellow.

Link to vote:

Meet the “Mobile Native” with Meaning

You just figured out how to market to "digital natives" (sort of). Then you uncovered a new species of consumers: the “mobile native.” This population grows every day: people whose primary and preferred (and often exclusive) connection to brands, communication and the world is through their mobile devices. Their inherent behavior leads to selective expectations. Moreover -- they represent a large part of the global audience. When the format and experience of (digital) engagement changes from a 1024 x 768 screen to moments in people’s lives, so does our approach to ideas.

Brooke Skinner, Digitas SVP Brand Planning Lead moderates a panel of global brand planning leaders to identify the profile of a “mobile native”. Who they are, how they differ from multi-channel users and how planners hunt "mobile natives" now and in the future.

Link to vote:

TV Throwdown: Brand/Digital Content vs. Creative

Do TV networks/studios need brands to support social/digital content, or is TV doing just fine on it's own? Brother against brother,  Executive Producer against Digital Brand Content Strategist, the Korsh's slug it out.  Join the reunion as Creator and Executive Producer of USA Network hit series Suits, Aaron Korsh, and his brother Eric Korsh, himself a former EP turned Brand Content Strategist at Digitas, match wits on the pros and cons of Social TV, Episodic Web Series, Product Placement and other critical world events.  

Moderator options, if any, include the lucky parents who raised them to love video, childhood friends who can dish the dirt, a referee/journalist, or possibly just a complete free-for-all.

Link to vote:

Using Your Online Network to Get a Job #IRL

We’ve all digitally stalked hiring managers before: followed them on Twitter, sent a Facebook friend request, liked their Instagram photos, Highlighted them, sent an InMail, name-dropped common connections. But, does it actually work, and how do the hiring managers perceive this? Then there is that awkward moment when you are at a networking event and you recognize the hiring manager you’ve been digitally stalking. And, you don’t know if you should approach them and introduce yourself as your alter ego, tinyrobots512, or pretend you don’t know them, or spew out all of their recent tweets. What is appropriate?

Digitas' Eddie Revis and more will discuss how to build and maintain professional relationships digitally, and how to transcend them into relationships, #IRL, and most importantly, into jobs or new hires #IRL. Additionally, we will provide tips on how to use your online network to glean information on job satisfaction, to predict turnover, and to determine if the potential job or new hire is a good match.

Link to vote:


Awaken Your Sense of Wonder: Check Out Evian's New Content Platform, “evian the source” 


The secret of youth lies not in age, but rather in the ability to awaken our sense of wonder. Digitas France and evian recently launched a platform that allows people to do just that – recharge their batteries and rediscover a new, pure outlook on the world.  “Evian the source” is dedicated to compiling inspirational content that aims to spark new feelings of wonder for everyone.

On “evian the source” you’ll find moving, surprising, and entertaining videos, pictures, quotes, tweets, and sounds to marvel at and share with friends. The brand has partnered with a number of international artists and directors (such as Ramón Ayala, Laurent Pralong, and Sébastien Montaz) to produce original content for the site. Every day, "evian the source" also picks up interesting content from around the web that empowers people to embrace and spread positive energy.

Get a look at all the content here and awaken your sense of wonder with evian.


Watch Live: Video's NewFront - Can Web Video Really Steal Dollars from TV?

May 17 Update: Didn't get a chance to watch John's panel? Check out the video from his discussion below.

Plus, if you're interested in learning more, we also recently published a piece about why digital and TV need to work closer together - check it out here.


Starting in just a few minutes, watch John McCarus, SVP of Brand Content, The Third Act: (the brand content unit of Digitas) live at OMMA Video as he explores insights and takeaways from the Digital Content NewFronts. Get details on his panel below, and follow @Digitas and #mpomma on Twitter for live updates!

By the time of OMMA Video, two weeks of TV-style upfront events known as the “Digital Content NewFronts,” will have just ended. This broad experiment by ad agency Digitas and a consortium of original Web video content publisher/distributors hopes to present its slate of video content as a viable alternative to broadcast and cable TV, which begin their own upfront season later in May. The group includes Google/YouTube, Yahoo, Hulu, Microsoft, AOL, many smaller pubs, and even a few TV networks such as NBCUniversal.

But why should brands and agencies choose Web video? Chief among the differences between TV and video is the fact that television is based on a single, dominant ad model, while most pubs and nets sell their own video formats, which makes buying inventory at scale a massive headache for brands. Unless major ad dollars start crossing over from TV, the reality is that most original Web video projects will not survive. So how do we get there? Our panel of ad agencies and content producers, distributors and sellers will discuss what they learned at DCNF.

Moderator: Joe Mandese, Editor in Chief, MediaPost


- John McCarus, Senior Vice President, Brand Content, Digitas (@jmack1985)
- Chet Fenster, Managing Partner, MEC Entertainment (
- Brian Hunt, Head of Creative Development, Original Video, Yahoo!
- Beth Lawrence, Executive Vice President, Ad Sales and Media Solutions, The Weather Channel Companies
- Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia, Inc. (@davemorgannyc)