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DCNF: The PopSugar NewFront

Digitas is recapping events from the Digital Content NewFronts! Stay tuned for posts every day, and on April 26, we'll be live-blogging various sessions from our own event, the Digitas NewFront.

PopSugar kicked off their Digital Content NewFront premier with cool and passion.  From the freight elevator entrance complete with bar service to the splash of pink lighting and cocktails, the energy was all about women who happen to control more than 80 percent of U.S. spending.

With more than 75 in-house editors of original content, PopSugar boasts 200% year-over-year growth with more than 28 millions unique visitors and 30 million video plays monthly.  Their passion for content was clear on-stage.  The editors of FitSugar, FabSugar, YumSugar and the other properties clearly expressed their love for serving up fun, engaging and enticing original content for women.

They pride themselves on being the first and fastest in positive up-to-the minute news on the entertainment and news women want.  Given the one million strong views of their live red carpet coverage of the Oscars, the launch of a new live 24/7 online network, the promise of real accessible content, and guaranteed audience, PopSugar should without a doubt catch the attention of brands building content strategies.

Memorable Moment:  Seeing how original online live content has become a strong competitor to live TV content.  PopSugar drew one million live views of their live red carpet at the Oscars - a quarter of E! Entertainment's record-breaking audience for one of the biggest TV events of the year.

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