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Live! Unstaged

On Demand. Live. Alive! The livestream has grown up and the music industry is being forced to scale to larger engaging experiences for fans. This shift is impacting the artists, as well as the music platforms that host their work, and the way that brands engage.

Rich Lehrfeld, VP of Global Sponsorship and Experiential Marketing for American Express, said that they want provide value, and know that American Express will serve up the music content that their consumers crave.

“We want our customers to believe that we get it. We get their passion, but that means we have to do a lot of listening and a lot of engaging. We don’t blindly guess, but that deepens the relationships with our consumers. That’s why we do these things.”

?uestLove, a musician and social media protagonist, that is pronounced “QuestLove” says that he wants to connect with brands that understand his work and his existing community won’t be surprised by the relationship.

“If I’m going to engage with a brand and bring that message to my audience, it has to feel accessible and real”,?uestLove said. “More than ever before fans are connecting with their favorite artists, and those fans are openly share when they’re upset by something the artist is doing.”

Lehrfeld agreed that the best value comes when they partner with artists that their consumers are asking for, and that when the brand and artist community cross-pollinate it enriches the experience for both parties.

“That’s why we’ve created Unstaged,” Lehrfeld. “It’s about loyalty for the artists’ and the brand’s communities. We want to engage with fans around the world that could be potential cardmembers and deepen the relationship with the current members.”

Today's NewFront live-blogging was done by Digitas' Jessica Randazza. For more insights from Jessica, follow her on Twitter - @JessicaRandazza

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